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Consumers will always shun from spending when they are not provided with product information. Courting the unknown when actually paying for it is certainly queer. Pre purchase process will have to precede any actual buying; referrals from people they trust, information in periodicals, advertisements and reviews plays a major role in informing consumers on purchases to make. This information generates trust, courage and confidence when spending. This states why consumer report is all time favorite for many.

Online consumers make use of raw reviews left by consumers who have bought products and/or services from various providers. With reviews users are able to determine best products and providers and even information on alternatives.

However, essay companies have no feasible review platform they can be proud about. These players make their users rely on acumen and sheer luck when looking for firms to hire. is here to assist users who acquire essays online.

Student consumers

Students users often part with generous amounts when seeking services for essay providers, they deserve product information because they are key players in this sector. To mitigate on risk exposure students’ are advised to scan through review sites to ensure that every essay company they hire has green light from past users. This website has taken the trouble of availing information that’s dire for students seeking to hire writing services.

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Why we rate essay writing companies

Lack of adequate regulation in this sector has seen mushrooming of rogue misfits with ravenous appetite to mint money from students. There are genuine providers and bad ones too, who don’t care about their users at all. Just check out on reviews, there are outcries on shoddy providers. With our review we recommend good providers but also make it hard for rogue providers to operate.

At we continually gather experiences from essay companies past users, we get their comments and ratings out 5 on companies they have engaged. We get our experts to verify this feedback then weed out bias before processing this information and publishing it for student users. Our experts further investigates these companies on features such as pricing, commitment of writers, quality of services, customer support efficiency, time taken to hand in assignments and so on. We then rank providers based on performers and get this comprehensive review hosted on our site for students use when making right hiring decisions. At, we are here to protect you.